Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How long does it take to ship a bike?

Bicycle shipping and delivery within mainland UK is done overnight, so we look to deliver the day after pickup. This can be a little longer for more remote areas including Ireland, Scotland and the Chanel Islands. Please note for shipping to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Chanel Islands we need to individually quote, so please ask for a quote by emailing details of the the bike box weight, its dimensions and both post codes to info@cyclesent.co.uk

How does your box delivery and bike pick up work?

We will ship the box and Bubblewrap to you overnight for delivery the following working day to mainland UK (remote Scottish areas, Northern Ireland, Eire and the Islands will take a little longer.) This will happen the evening you book if ordered before 1pm on a working day (Monday to Friday only). We then pick up the boxed bike the following day after, to allow you time to pack the box securely. We then deliver the package the following working day.

Will a bike fit in a box without taking it apart?

Depending on the size of the bike and box you have, typically you simply remove the front wheel and turn the handle bars 90 degrees before putting it into the box, sliding the front wheel beside the rest of the bike, which you must then pack out with packaging material to avoid movement and provide internal protection. important things to check are the distance from outside of pedal to pedal, height and total length. We can provide bespoke bike boxing of 150 x 7 2 x 22cm and packaging material - this will take up to a 29" mountain bike wheel, so most bikes are covered with this.

Will the courier pack the bike?

No the courier will drop the box off to your address but you are expected to pack the bike safely yourself. This is for insurance and protection purposes.

Do i have to pack my bike in a box?

Yes, shipping your bike without a box is not advised due to the potential for damage, so we avoid it. You can use your own box or we can provide one, the day before you want to ship your bike - see courier service with a box . Your bike must be fully enclosed within the box and packed sufficiently for courier transport, which means prevent movement and rubbing of parts within the box to avoid damage internally and to external packaging.

How much does it cost to ship a bike?

Pricing for the UK is fixed regardless of pick up and destination, but for more remote areas such as the Channel Islands, remote Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland and Eire we need to individually quote. There are also different charges for extras such bike insurance and timed services. These are all totally transparent when making your choices on the booking pages and can easily be changed. For an accurate quote please use our site and select the relevant choices for your final price, which is displayed before checkout. 

Is the service guaranteed?

We currently deliver 98.7% next working day and strive to give the best possible service. Due to logistical problems, occasionally a parcel may miss a connecting trunk and there are certain factors out with our control such as acts of god, severe weather conditions, traffic delays etc.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

If your parcel is delayed and not delivered the next working day, we will endeavour to deliver as soon as physically possible. Therefore we will still provide the service and therefore no refund will be given.